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What we do
We help clients with business-critical public policy, regulation and reputation issues to define, pursue and achieve their objectives.

We provide clients with clear, focused and relevant independent advice. The depth of our experience in business, government and consultancy gives us the confidence to challenge our clients and to offer alternatives to conventional thinking, rather than simply tell clients what they expect to hear.

We design strategies to protect and enhance clients' corporate interests and reputation within the increasingly challenging world of political change, public policy, regulation and corporate responsibility. We can also assist them to build internal capacity by embedding skills within their own organisation.

Specifically, we:
  • advise on the planning, development and presentation of issues and policies to multiple key stakeholders
  • help clients to identify, map, target and communicate with those stakeholders - especially national, London and local government, Parliament, devolved administrations, local communities, industry groups, pressure groups, opinion formers and the media
  • provide detailed analysis on political issues and trends
  • advise on opinion polling research
  • advise on and create clear and integrated communications, public affairs and stakeholder relations strategies and campaigns
  • help clients to foster productive direct relations with identified key stakeholders
  • provide media relations and crisis management services
  • help clients with their internal communications structures and advise and coach the client's own staff and executives.

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