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Why us?
We are different
We are not a conventional Westminster political consultancy. We recognise that times have changed: communications methods have evolved and clients demand more responsiveness, transparency and value for money.

We also recognise that having great personal relations with clients is important too. So we combine our relentless professionalism with a sense of humour and a commitment to making work fun.

We give clients what they want
Clients want experienced consultants, so our clients will always be supported by directors with senior-level experience.

Clients want advice across the range of policy, public affairs, corporate responsibility and communications disciplines, sometimes with additional management consultancy advice. Our experience in central, local and foreign government, consultancy and corporate and international business brings these together seamlessly.

Clients shouldn't pay for things that they could learn to do for themselves, so we assist them to build their internal capacity and embed skills within their own organisation.

Clients want a fair deal, and we will always provide value for money.

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